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Updated on 3rd June, 2022

Thousands of poker casinos are available in the United Kingdom. Poker fans can register themselves at these casinos and make huge money while playing.

Players have access to many games and types of poker game variants, including: Five Draw Car, Omaha High Low, Omaha Holdem, Paigow Poker, Seven Card Stud, Beading, Texas Holdem and many more.

Poker has many levels, which one can choose according to their suitability and love for the game.

Beginner players can get lots of information regarding poker from various sites online. The majority of poker rooms now-a-days provide tips and tutorials for beginners along with freeplay offers and extra chips.

However, it’s a good idea to also use other independent sites out there that provide game tips and advice aside from the main provider you are playing with.

Poker is More Popular Than Ever Before

Poker is one of the most popular games played online both for real money and for fun. Online poker rooms and social media games have boosted popularity of the game.

Learner players have a huge benefit when starting out.

Not only can they get better poker bonuses, they can learn the game while playing. Some providers even provide free access to their poker rooms for a limited time to try out the tables they offer.

This cuts out the risk and makes it more enjoyable without having to lose money.

Why is the Industry So Busy?

Lots more people are getting attracted towards the game of poker than ever seen before.

  1. Among several reasons for the growing popularity of the game is the prominent heavy advertising done on telly, magazines, newspapers and radio as well.
  2. Various special bonuses and attractive offers are also being presented by most poker websites.
  3. Now that mobile devices such as phones and tablets have taken over PC’s and laptops, the game of poker can be practically played anywhere, even at the workplace during break, as well at home.

Online poker games such as Texas Hold’em and video poker are very popular as they can be played anywhere and practically anytime. These are probably the most common versions of poker.

Although some would argue that video poker doesn’t count. It does however follow the same method of play as poker.

The difference being that the player is playing against the house instead of other players. One advantage of this is that payouts and odds tend to be larger in the short term.

Among the most appealing aspects of online poker, one attractive feature is the capability to chat with various other players and setting up one’s own table.

A player can in fact play this game with friends and relatives from around the globe and chat while enjoying it.

It is as good as sitting together in one room and playing the game at home.

One more reason that makes online poker more popular is that players can practice the game before playing it live in any club.

This will enhance their playing skills and will also make them more efficient in the game, which further increases their chances of winning.

Playing the game of poker can be real fun if it is played with great interest and dedication. This game is now becoming more of a fashion than just being a game.

The Basics of Playing in Online Poker Tournaments

It’s been around a decade since online poker tournaments started significantly growing in popularity, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Online poker tournaments are a great way for people to have fun and potentially put extra money in their pocket.

Best of all, people can enjoy online poker tournaments from the comfort of their own home.

If you have thought about playing online poker in the past but never made the jump to actually doing it, now is just as good of a time as ever to get started.

Playing in online poker tournaments is actually an even better option than simply playing online poker. Below you will see why:

Benefits of Tournaments

The first benefit that comes to most people’s mind is the chance to win a lot of money.

In addition to this benefit, online poker tournaments poses less risk than regular online poker.

With regular online poker, you are staking your own money on every hand.

But with online poker tournaments, you pay one entry fee, and then you get to play for the duration of the tournament with the chips you start with and then win.

While you have probably seen televised poker tournaments, you may still have questions about how online poker tournaments work.

How They Work

To play in an online poker tournament, you will get started by buying into the tournament.

The range of buy-ins for online poker tournaments vary quite a bit, but you will have no trouble finding tournaments where the buy-in is as little as £5.

Once you pay your buy-in, you will begin playing in the tournament.

As time passes in the tournament, the blinds and antes will increase.

If you successfully make it to the end of a tournament or even win, you will be rewarded with a piece of the prize pool.

The prize pool is assembled from the buy-ins of all the players in the tournament.

If you’re ready to get started, you just need to sign up with an online poker website.

Because there is so much competition between online poker websites for new players, you can benefit by choosing a website that is offering generous freebies to new players.

However, before making a final decision, be sure to read reviews from other players about the website you are considering.

This will ensure that you choose an online poker website that will keep your sensitive information safe and provide you with a fair online gambling experience.

We recommend various poker sites, where new players can get free tournament tokens upon first deposit.

Tournament Tip

As you begin playing in online poker tournaments, there are plenty of tips you can follow to improve your odds of winning.

The most important tip to remember is to be patient.

It takes a lot of practice to get really good at online poker, so just be patient and enjoy playing.

It’s also important to remind yourself to take regular breaks.

Depriving yourself of breaks will result in you getting burned out.

Online poker tournaments are a blast, so don’t let yourself forget that you should always be having fun!

Tournament Poker Setups

Poker is not only great fun when played with a few friends – as you’ve probably seen on TV, it’s also serious business, with countless poker tournaments ranging in stature and size played across the world each and every year.

Tournament poker, of course, differs from a regular game of poker in that there is a more active long-term strategy component, with tactics extending way beyond the next two or three hands.

It’s imperative, as a serious competitor, to understand the format of poker tournaments, and how that’s likely to impact on your style of play before you get involved and throw your first chips down.

Types of Tournament

Perhaps the most common type of poker tournament format is the ‘freeze out’, where players play until they lose their last chip – at which point, they’re frozen out of the game.

The tournament, which will be conducted over a number of different tables, will see players constantly rearranged to full tables as more and more players are eliminated from the runnings, until a final table remains with the select few that have made it round to the final stage.

Those players then play out until they lose all their remaining chips to crown one ultimate winner, who will scoop the bulk of the prize money on offer.

Often, the remaining finalists will also receive prize-money of varying degrees, relative to their finishing position.

A famous example of this type of poker tournament can be viewed in the following video. It’s also a great example of how fast the game can change:


An alternative and not uncommon structure for poker tournaments is the so-called ‘shootout’ format – designed primarily to save on time as compared to freeze out tournaments, which can take numerous more hours to reach the closing stages.

With shootout tournaments, each table plays until it has just one winner, rather than amalgamating tables as players are eliminated.

Once each table has a player to put forward, the finals phase can commence which sees those winners from the preliminary rounds pitted against each other until an ultimate winner can be decided.


The third type of structure which can be seen, particularly with higher value tournaments, is the rebuy – where those eliminated within a set timeframe are afforded the opportunity to buy back into the game by paying more into the pot.

This leads to rapidly accelerated prize funds for the eventual tournament winner, and allows players to be more gung-ho in the early stages to make for a more exciting first few hours.

The timeframe in which buy-ins are allowed varies depending on the exact nature of the tournament, and as such players are more aggressive during the period in which they’re total downside risk is diminished (i.e. when there is no total elimination from the tournament).

Whether you’re a pub player or a professional, tournament poker provides a new and distinct challenge that requires an altogether different strategic and psychological approach to the game.

Nevertheless, the ability to play against other players of varying levels of ability in online and offline poker will help develop your skills as a player, and enable a better understanding through experience of how to react to different situations and plays as they arise.

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