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Safe and Secure Online Casino Advice

Safe Online CasinosWhen it comes to gambling, the options available are limited; you either visit your local casino, bingo room, betting shop, or you don’t gamble at all. But when it comes to online gambling the possibilities are endless. There are many online casinos out there where you can bet online whether it be roulette, blackjack, slots or casino games. But how do you know the online casino is safe and secure to play with?

There are many pointers and methods that you can look out for so that you know how to spot the safe online casinos from the unsafe ones. As well as doing all the legwork for you, we have compiled this quick guide to safe online casinos in the UK so that you know what to look out for before signing up. That way you know your personal details are safe, your financial details are safe and that the casino isn’t just going to disappear from the internet next week. Firstly; when looking for a new online casino to sign up with; always do your research. Whether you are new to online gambling scene or not; always check around at least one other website for reviews, ratings and / or information on the casino that you have your eye on. You should be able to read enough about the casino to know that they sound and look safe. Secondly; when reading about the proposed online casino, make sure you check the following:

  • Where they are based and where they operate: – Sometimes casinos are based offshore but operate in the UK for example.
  • Check that the casino is licensed and regulated: – Knowing this information is important to know that they are one of the safe online casinos out there and will abide by rules to ensure a safe gaming experience.
  • Find out when they were established: – This will show you that they have years (or not) of experience in the industry to provide a safe experience.
  • See what others say: – Check out independent ratings and reviews from other players to see how their experience has been. For example, a casino with 1 star and comments about financial details being unsafe is a definite avoid at all costs. Whereas, a casino with 4 or 5 stars and mixed comments from neutral to positive will ensure it is a safe online casino and worth a sign-up.

Secure Online CasinosWe often get asked in the gambling industry; aren’t all online casinos safe and secure? And the answer is simple, no. Like everything in today’s world of growing technology, the gambling side of the world wide web is growing at a rate that no one ever predicted. So it comes as no shock that there are ups and downs of everything, and you must proceed with caution. If you were buying a new car, whether it be pre-owned or brand-new, you would do your research (or we’d like to think you would) before handing over any cash in exchange for a vehicle. Well the same rule applies here. We don’t recommend jumping in with both feet at the first online casino you see; because unfortunately, like other things in life, (and any other purchases you make), there are thousands of options out there, some of which are secure online casinos, and some are not so secure.

The first thing to look out for when picking a casino is to ensure it uses SSL for processing financial and personal data such as credit cards. For this you should see the website address change from http://www. to https://www when accessing sensitive sections of the website (such as your account, or card details, sign-up form etc).

The second point to note is, although it may say https://www. in the address bar, can you see a valid and up-to-date security certificate? Somewhere on the website the internet browser you are using (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc) should have a padlock and info such as “Connection is encrypted…” “Verified by…” etc. Click on this to view the details of the ‘valid’ certificate.

Lastly; if you have got so far and all security boxes are ticked; do a quick background check on the company. Who exactly is the provider? Have they been running long? How many players do they have? You should be able to see a lot of info from review websites such as this, that provide details helping you to spot a secure online casino from an unsecure casino.

If, like a lot of people you are still not convinced that your personal details and financial details are secure when gambling online, opt for a casino operator that provides you payment methods where financial data is not exposed. Such as Paypal.

A lot of gambling companies lately are providing alternative payment methods to give peace of mind that you are secure when playing at an online casino. But for specific Paypal casinos see our other sections.