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High Roller Online Casinos

A recent survey in the UK has shown that more people who gamble are choosing to play at high roller casinos than at any other time in the past.

The increase in activity comes as more online gambling providers are opening their doors to bigger betting amounts, resulting in more places to play for enthusiasts, and more customers for casinos.

Previously, high roller gambling was only known on the high street and in selected casinos.

However, since the rise in online gambling and casinos, this has broadened the options where people can play with no or little limit restrictions.

So why do people play high roller casino games?

High roller games such as roulette, blackjack and slots allow bigger amounts of money to be staked at a single time.

For example, players of high roller roulette can bet up to £500 on a single number and potentially win £18,000+ straight up.

Other large bets include up to £5,000 on a colour (red or black) with a potential win of £10k+.

Other high roller games such as blackjack allow higher stakes per hand, and high roller slots allow a higher spin / line coin value.

It is easy to see why high roller casino sites are appealing and often people seeking a big jackpot-win flock there to try their luck.

Other customers of high roller websites include those with a large disposable income who don’t want to play with small stakes.