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Tablet Casinos

Tablet casinos via web browser or apps?

Firstly, when we look at casinos that provide tablet gaming, we separate the category in to two – fun gaming (often connected with social media), and real-money gaming.

Some websites provide fun-only apps where no real-money can be wagered or won, such as DoubleDown Casino (also available on Facebook). In this app users play for fun with virtual credit or pretend casino chips. The other apps that are provided by dedicated casino sites or bookmaker-hybrids are the real money ones. An app from the provider is often very similar to their website itself and provides a list of games in an archive or portfolio, separated by categories. For example, once the casino app is installed you can select whether you want to play table games such as blackjack, or slot machine games such as the famous Cleopatra slots.

The advantages of playing with a tablet casino app is that it offers slightly quicker gaming and sometimes smoother game play, depending on your tablet specifications. Players also have direct access, usually from an icon that is placed on the tablet home-screen, allowing you to load up the casino faster and get playing. The downside to wanting to play casino games via an app is that not all online casinos provide an app, and those that do might only offer one for IOS via the iTunes app store, excluding users on Android who are using Google Play, or vice versa.

One of the advantages of playing on a tablet’s web browser is that casinos often provide more games, similar to their full desktop site. So players have more choice, especially when it comes to slot games. Another plus-point for browser play over apps is that sometimes you can take advantage of exclusive promotions and bonuses that aren’t available via the app. Call it discriminatory to app-lovers but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Tablet casino sites

Tablet usage for gambling has grown rapidly over the last 2 years or more. A lot of companies have jumped on the tablet bandwagon and released a tablet for people to buy, including Apple, Windows, Sony and Samsung. This has increased the mobile usage for Internet activities such as social media, watching sports, betting and playing casino games. In fact social media and for-fun-casinos alone have also had an impact on the amount of people gambling for real money, as it has opened new doors to a once daunting and inaccessible industry.

The top 5 tablets for gambling include; iPad, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Xperia and Lenovo. At the moment, based on our experience most people choose to play casino games via their web browser on the tablet, rather than download an app. We’re not quite sure why this seems to be majority behaviour, but we can narrowly put it down to there still being a lack of apps available for small to mid brand casinos. Popular casino sites that have an app available include; Jackpotjoy Slots, MoneyGaming, Virgin Casino and Paddy Power Casino.

iPad gambling

iPads are ideal for playing casino games, including slots and poker. They are a solid piece of kit that runs smoothly and often stand head and shoulders above others for durability and stability. Navigating around casinos using an iPad is quick and secure. Based on experience, iPads that run IOS (Apple’s operating system) are very secure (against hacks, malware and viruses) which gives great peace of mind for any doubters about safety of personal and financial data.

Android gambling

Tablets that run Android come in all shapes and sizes on a number of different brands. This is why it is starting to dominate the gambling market-share of tablet-users in the UK, whereas Apple’s IOS is limited to Apple devices only. Android casinos are great, as long as the device is sound, such as the Google Nexus. Some cheaper devices or imitation-tablets can also use Android, but may not run as smoothly or be as stable. A very good plus-point on the Anroid side is the fact that some devices support Adobe Flash – software that runs animation through your web browser and is highly supported by top casino software providers including IGT and Microgaming.

3 points to note about tablet casinos icon_info

  1. Not all tablets are the same in what they support. For example some casinos require Flash, software that is limited to certain devices and is not supported by Apple iPads.
  2. There are 2 places to download a casino app from – Apple’s iTunes app store and Google Play.
  3. Some tablets have limited battery life so always check your usage to avoid your game-play being disrupted – especially if you are on a winning streak!

Advantages of tablet casino sites icon_tickblack

  • Tablets are very portable and lightweight – meaning you can play more casino games, more often.
  • Tablets load quickly as they don’t require a lot of background programs, so you can get playing quicker.
  • Gambling on a tablet is often more fun and enjoyable, you can even do it sitting on the toilet and not break a sweat.

Disadvantages of tablet casino sites icon_crossblack

  • No keyboard or mouse, which can make typing slower (for example if chatting on poker/bingo) and make it difficult to navigate quickly around games.
  • Fragile – get a burst of frustration or have a moment of madness during casino-playing and you can easily bump or drop the tablet.
  • Can be uncomfortable to hold if playing casino games for prolonged periods of time.
  • Not all tablets support Adobe Flash – software that is required by some online casinos.

Frequently asked questions icon_faq

1. Are tablets safe for playing casino games?

Yes. In fact some tablets are more secure than standard computers because they have less vulnerabilities to be overtaken by malware or viruses.

2. Can i play casino games holding my tablet portrait?

It depends on the casino provider. Some casinos require you to rotate your device landscape in order to play their games.

3. What size tablet do i need to play casino games?

Whilst there are no minimum requirements for tablet size, the optimum size is 7-8 inches with a minimum resolution of 1280×800.

4. Does it matter what operating system my tablet uses for online casinos?

It only matters if you plan to play via an app, as some casino providers are limited to iTunes or Google Play. But if you play via web browser then there are no restrictions.