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Casino Charts

The top online casinos updated weekly in chart form, ranked from most popular to least popular. In a growing directory of UK wide gambling sites, we filter and sort the best casinos the UK has to offer.

View the latest rankings of gambling sites in our casino charts.

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In a chaotic world of online and mobile gambling, every potential real-money casino player needs the words of wisdom from a wider community at one time or another. It’s only natural to look around for a provider that stands out, but don’t assume just because the casino has a quirky TV ad or is heard on the radio that it is the cream of the crop. Our carefully compiled data allows you to cut to chase knowing that you are looking at the top gambling firms from top to bottom. This data is based on our reviews, community reviews, customer ratings, social media feedback, trends and viral shares.

Why Use Ranking Charts?

The top performing casinos in our database are listed in order. Although we don’t list any bad casinos, the popularity falls slightly the further down the table you go. That is why with these ranking charts you can scratch looking at the clutter and view only the amount of casinos you value. Some people choose to look at a top 10 list, whereas others only want the top 3. The term ‘online casino’ stems from the early times in gambling, whereby gambling providers were establishing themselves on the internet to provide real money gambling between you and them. However, over the years we have seen a huge increase in other devices from phone casinos to tablet and even casino apps. These still all come under the title of an online casino. Just because the word online is used doesn’t mean it is specifically for computer use. A casino player can be ‘online’ on their iPhone and still play online games for money.

Are Gambling Charts Necessary?

You might ask yourself are all casinos the same. Do they really differ that much. I mean, they all provide a list of casino games to play for real money don’t they? If you can get your hands on top hitters such as roulette, blackjack and slots then why all the ranking fuss? The answer is; lifespan and experience. If you are looking to play games regularly then a larger selection of games will be your choice. And in terms of experience, all casinos are the same but different! Yes they all provide games, but how many, what are the graphics like, how fast do they load, can you swap quickly between games, what payout percentage do they provide. These are all vital points that are taken in to considering when placing a casino in a specific ranking position.