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Our online bingo guide is one of the most useful one-stop shops for UK bingo sites and new player bonuses. We list many top providers of online bingo games across a number of categories including top rated charts, reviews and the best deals for UK players.

There are over 350 bingo providers in the UK in 2020, all providing a different experience. Our experts have been playing and reviewing online bingo games for the last 10 years, so they know how to recognise a good provider and what it takes to be the best. It is our experience and bingo knowledge that lets us pick the cream of the crop providers and bring you useful deails such as our top 10 bingo sites and best value for money bingo promotions.

At OnlineGaming4u, our bingo directory hosts some of the most loved and top-rated bingo sites and games on offer to players in the United Kingdom. A range of different brands is available, from big players in the industry such as Jackpotjoy and Paddy Power to the newest websites on the market like Butterfly Bingo. We vet each bingo website that we list to ensure it provides the very best service and experience to bingo lovers alike.

Find and Compare Bingo Sites

Find a compare bingo sites in the UK by using our filtering system. Choose the category that interests you most and browse the details that our experts publish, such as bingo reviews, new player bonuses, bingo games and more.

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Are You New To Online Bingo?

Bingo is one of the more popular games played worldwide, with many different varieties of the concept thriving in all continents.

Bingo halls, even as distinct from casinos, have built their own industry to which thousands nationwide flock on a weekly basis, as a centre-point for social interaction and exciting live gambling.

As popular as bingo is, it requires pretty simple rules, and fortunately they’re easy to explain for those not already familiar with the concept.

If you look at the basic rules of the game of bingo, from which many similar games are derived, it will help clarify what you need to do to be in with a chance of winning money either at your local bingo hall or with an online bingo site.

The Aim

The general aim of bingo is to match the numbers on your bingo card with those randomly drawn from the bingo machine before any of your fellow gamblers in order to win a predetermined prize.

The prize is usually relative to the total number of tickets sold for a particular game – in other words, the more bingo tickets sold for a particular draw, the more money up for grabs for the winner. This applies in both offline and online bingo.

As most people are aware, the numbers called are also often announced with corresponding one-liners, adding to the atmosphere and sociability of the game.

Prizes and Winnings

Prize pots are usually specified beforehand for smaller prizes, with the jackpot usually determined by the total pot available from ticket sales, either from one or more linked bingo outlets.

This leads to potentially significant jackpots for those taking part in higher-prize games.

It is, of course, possible for one player to play more than one ticket simultaneously, and more advanced players often play on multiple tickets for any given game to increase their chances of winning.

In bingo played online or mobile, tickets are automatically marked / dabbed for you, unless you specify otherwise. Giving players the chance to play multiple tickets without worrying about missing a number.


Numbers are drawn one after the other and announced and/or displayed for players to cross-reference with their tickets.

When a number drawn matches a number on the player’s ticket, he crosses the number off and is one closer to achieving the end result and hopefully winning a prize.

Rules differ between different games, bingo halls and bingo sites, but uniformly the jackpot is won by matching all numbers on a given ticket first as they’re drawn.

It is also common for prizes to be awarded for a complete horizontal line of numbers, and there are a variety of different combinations and patterns that may also be rewarded – it’s worthwhile ensuring you understand what’s up for grabs with any particular game to avoid confusion!

The basic rules of bingo are simple enough, and as such, it’s no wonder it’s one of the world’s most popular games.

Whether you’re a bingo novice and you’re looking to build up the courage to venture into the bingo hall for the first time, or you’re just looking to play online bingo for fun, it’s an accessible, sociable and fun form of gambling anyone can take part in, requiring much less skill than many other prize games.

In online bingo, there are game types and game variations.

Bingo game types refers to a particular type of game, which is often universal across the bingo industry. Game types include; 90 ball bingo, 75 ball, 50 ball and 40 ball games. Game variations are variations of game types, either with a different theme, prize or ticket price. Game variations include; Rainbow Riches Bingo, Deal or No Deal, Coronation Street Bingo and more.

Trusted Bingo Sites

Along with the list of vetted bingo sites that are available for you to filter, our bingo listings contain an in-depth catalogue of brands. You can also search by latest welcome offers and specific bingo games.

The bingo section of our site is updated weekly with new chart rankings as well as new brands that spring on to the scene.

On a daily basis we also check and compare the bingo websites we list with others on the market to make sure they are still offering the best-of-the-best experience.

Our team is clued up in the world of bingo, so we know exactly what our visitors want. This includes welcome offers like deposit £10 get a free bonus, free bingo for 7 days, cheap penny bingo with tickets from just 1p and much more.

Real Money Bingo Online

When it comes to playing bingo online, there are two main things that people look for: real money bingo and free bingo.

Free bingo includes everything from free signup bonuses to no deposit offers, to free-play bingo and free games.

Whereas real money bingo is always pay to play, by purchasing bingo tickets and entering bingo rooms.

The free bingo options can be broken down further in the sense that there are some sites out there that provide completely ‘for-fun’ bingo (with or without signing up).

These games often provide a random set of numbers (or bingo ticket) and draw out numbers for you to match.

Some sites match the numbers automatically, whereas others allow you to manually mark your numbers as they appear, or even print out the tickets and mark them with a pen – just as you would in a local bingo hall.

New Bingo Sites and Games

At OnlineGaming4u, we have always been one of the first comparison sites to review the newest bingo providers in the UK.

Combining our expertise, knowledge, and the contacts we have in the industry, we are able to test each website as it launches.

During our bingo test, we have a checklist of criteria that we use to ensure that the site is credible and provides a sound bingo experience.

Only when it passes our vetting process will it be considered for a listing in our directory.

As well as constantly being on the look out for new and exciting bingo providers, we also refresh our listings on a regular basis should a particular bonus deal change, or the provider receives feedback and ratings.

The Rise Of Online Bingo

Online bingo has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, and has been a particular success story to emerge from the lift of the ban on gambling advertising on TV.

In just a couple of short years, a multitude of different bingo websites have sprung up, and in 2020 there are now more online players nationwide than ever before.

As such, the game has gone through a resurgence in popularity, and is attracting people of all ages and backgrounds who can play at their own leisure and in their own time, from the comfort of their own homes.

Of course the whole point of playing bingo is to be in with a chance to win the jackpot, or at least to win many of the smaller cash prizes available through playing the game.

As a result, you’re often competing with other players from across the country, and on some occasions players from even further afield.

Luckily, there are a few basic tips for beginners or those just getting started playing online to help ensure they don’t constantly end up on the losing side of the game.

Tips For Playing Bingo Online

There is no substitute for experience with online bingo.

It takes time to get up to speed with the rules of playing online, and even the interface of the bingo site you’ve chosen to sign up with, so don’t expect to compete in the jackpot games straight away – this is a sure fire way to lose the cost of your ticket and end up confusing and possibly disheartening yourself before you’ve really begun.

Play Low Cost Games

Take part in some of the low cost games to start with – many sites offer games costing as little as 1p, and it’s a good idea to play your fair share of low value games before you start spending more money on your tickets.

Don’t Rush Into Multi-Ticket Play

Likewise, you should take care only to play one ticket per game until you’re absolutely sure you’re comfortable and you know what you’re doing.

Introducing second, third and fourth tickets to the game mean twice, thrice or even four times the energy and ability required to monitor your progress, and unless you’re fairly competent at handling the functions and controls of your given bingo site, it can prove fairly difficult to manage more than one ticket at any given point.

Chat and Play

One of the benefits of playing bingo online is that the bingo sites usually build in chatroom or forum features, allowing you to communicate with other players as you go about learning the ropes.

This can be a great way to get help and advice if you’re stuck, as well as support from a warm and welcoming community, and it’s usually this camaraderie that keeps users engaged with online bingo sites.

During gameplay, many bingo sites have a chatroom that is open for all members to type in to. Each game also usually has a host or hostess present during play to interact with you and other players, including wishing you good luck etc.

Online bingo can be great fun, and an excellent hobby for those with an Internet connection and time to spare.

Whether you’ve played bingo in a real live bingo hall or this is your first venture into the game, online bingo sites are very accommodating to new members, taking care to make sure you understand how to get started and have fun in the process.