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Online Gambling & Casino FAQ

OnlineGaming4u has been in the gambling industry for over ten years. During this time we have been asked hundreds of frequently asked questions by our visitors.

These questions are asked by users with all levels of knowledge and experience, from beginner to seasoned gamblers.

We have compiled a few of the most common questions that people have asked us over the years, in one place for others to see.

Are my personal and financial details secure at online casinos?

Secure CasinosYes. Online casinos and gambling sites are required by law to follow a strict data protection policy. This includes both personal information such as name, address, and financial data such as debit card details.

Gambling sites also have to secure their online environment with security and encryption, when carrying out payment transactions. Just like online stores do when selling products online.

When it comes to gambling online, some people are more wary about safety and security of sensitive information than others. However, all gambling sites should be following the same protocol in this area.


Unfortunately, as with any industry, there are a small minority who spoil it for others. These are known in the industry as rogue casinos, or rogue gambling sites.

Some providers cut corners, aren’t as strict with data protection and don’t follow the correct procedures set out by gambling laws.

It is imperative that you gamble only with a provider that is 100% safe and trusted.

So how do you know which gambling sites are trusted?

Trusted GamblingA good place to start is gambling comparison and review sites (like OnlineGaming4u), who constantly check hundreds of providers and put them through a vetting process. Only sites that tick all boxes are safe to be listed on these websites. This also applies to other review sites on the web.

There are also a number of websites that provide a list of known rogue casinos that real customers have complained about. Search Google for rogue casinos and check out some of the listings before you sign up.

We have also listed a few points that you should look for when choosing a trusted gambling site:

  1. SSL & HTTPS – Online gambling sites should use both SSL and HTTPS when you access their websites. This means the site is encrypted and not vulnerable to eavesdropping and more likely to care more about your details.
  2. Strong Online Profile – Most safe providers tend to have a strong online profile and high social media presence with plenty of customer feedback and interaction.
  3. Clearly Visibile Information – Trusted gambling sites clearly display their company information, background, about-profile and are active in support features such as live chat or telephone contact.

What are the differences between download and instant casinos?

Download CasinosThe differences between a download and instant casino are:

  • Instant casino games are played “instantly” via a web browser. Download casinos use software or apps that install on your device.
  • Some providers offer less games at their instant casino compared with their download casino.
  • The amount of payment methods that you can use to deposit and withdraw is sometimes limited at download casinos.
  • Some providers do not offer a choice and are instant only.

Before apps, download casinos were dying out and very few provided software to be installed. However, since the rise of mobile and tablet gambling, apps have put download casinos back on the map.

There are many pros and cons of each choice and often it comes down to personal preference as to which they prefer. Instant casinos are more popular in the UK.

How do I claim a bonus offer?

Claim BonusGambling bonus offers come in all shapes and sizes. So it depends which bonus is being claimed. The gambling site should display clearly how you can claim a bonus underneath the offer they are advertising.

Most sites almost always give away a free welcome bonus to all new customers when they join, sometimes with or without a cash deposit.

Some common first time bonuses are; welcome bonus, first deposit bonus, no-deposit bonus and sign-up bonus.

Sometimes gambling sites will allow you to ‘opt out’ of a bonus offer, or require you to ‘opt in’ should you wish to claim it.

IMPORTANT: All bonuses come with small print. Make sure you read the bonus terms and conditions, so that you know what you need to do to qualify.

Are online casinos genuine & do they pay out real money?

Genuine Casinos Pay OutYes, the majority of online casinos are genuine and all of the sites we list are, but it is always advised to research and check the site you are considering.

We Say: Do The Hotel Check

At OnlineGaming4u, we advise people to follow the same procedure when picking an online casino as they would if they were booking a hotel.

What do you do before you book a hotel? Look at photos, shop around, check customer feedback, read reviews. Generally ensuring it is good before booking.

We apply the same method as a bare minimum for our visitors to look out for.

Reason being is that not all gambling sites are genuine and there are some known rogue casinos that try to scam the public by withholding winnings and refusing the pay out.

Quick Genuine Checklist

  1. Research casinos and read reviews.
  2. Use comparison sites and forums.
  3. Make sure the provider is registered and licensed with a gambling authority.

Can you use casino bonuses to win real money?

Real Money CasinosMost online casinos set their own rules when it comes to bonuses.

Players have the potential to win real money, but there are many factors that come in to play, including what type of bonus and the terms attached.

For example; no deposit bonuses have different requirements from 1st deposit bonuses.

With no deposit bonuses, the player has the potential to win real money without making a deposit, but the amount they can win is usually capped or limited, e.g. max £100.

This means that if you win £150 from your no deposit bonus, you can withdraw £100 only, and the £50 will be scrapped.

More flexible bonuses that are not capped are ‘deposit match’ or welcome bonuses. However, these have wagering requirements that must be met before any winnings can be withdrawn.

So what is the easiest way to win ‘unrestricted’ real money at casinos?

The easiest way to win real money that is not restricted by a cap or wagering requirement is to play without claiming a bonus.

Some casinos do not allow you to opt-out of a welcome bonus, which is usually awarded on your first deposit. So make sure you find a casino that allows you to opt out and does not force a bonus upon you.

This way, when you play games, you are playing with your own money only. So any winnings can be paid to you without cap-limits or restrictions.