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Why It Is Important To Research An Online Casino

Online gambling is a highly competitive market, with casinos practically falling over themselves to sign up new gamers. While all the global casino brands are in on the act, so too are a ream of smaller casinos, often attracting customers with their own exclusive sign-up bonuses, selection of games and payment methods. While the vast majority of online casinos are legitimate, there is a growing rogue minority waiting open-mouthed to devour the next unsuspecting gambler to deposit his money.

But just exactly why is it important to research and choose a safe casino online, and what are the dangers of opting for a less mainstream casino operator?

For the unwary consumer, the world of online casinos can be fraught with danger, and there are countless horror-stories of stolen deposits, withheld winnings and unpaid bonuses, amongst others. With an illegitimate casino, you can be sure the odds are generally being unfairly stacked against you, and there’s no way of knowing what kind of digital viruses you might pick up on your way.

What’s worse, if you’re planning on giving your casino your bank details, or depositing by credit or debit card, you could potentially be surrendering the key to your bank account to overseas scammers with no reservations about using it.

To say choosing a safe casino is critical would be an understatement, but how feasible is it to make sure you’re dealing with a trusted, safe casino when you’re gambling online? There are a few key indicators of legitimacy you should look out for, and it’s important to carry out your due diligence to the fullest before you commit any money.

1. Regulation: check to see where and by whom the casino is regulated, and follow the links. It should be evident from the casino’s homepage the jurisdiction in which it is based, and the authority responsible for ensuring compliance with local laws (e.g. the UK Gambling Commission). Check with the relevant authority that your chosen casino is indeed regulated and approved by them.

2. Recommendations and Reviews: any online casino worth its salts will have reviews and recommendations online. In the reverse, you should be able to spot a faker quite quickly, through searching terms like ‘casino name + scam’, which will bring up any immediately obvious gripes posted elsewhere on the Internet. If you can’t find much in the way of user feedback, either positive or negative, err on the side of caution and move on to another casino.

3. Professional Website: quite an obvious one, but most casinos with any degree success or client base will have a professional looking website, with no broken links or images. You wouldn’t walk in to a casino in someone’s front room, neither should you walk into a virtual casino that doesn’t look the part, and where the owners have paid scant regard to branding and marketing. If it looks dodgy, it probably is, so best to move on to a competitor before you lose any money unfairly.

First published on 16th January 2013. Updated on 6th October 2017.

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