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Why Play Scratch Cards Online?

Online scratch cards are becoming an increasingly popular form of online gambling, and are attracting growing numbers to online casinos and gaming sites alike. Like their offline counterparts, online scratch cards allow the gamer to win instantly by ‘scratching’ off panels to reveal symbols and corresponding prize amounts, and are purely a game of chance, rather than of skill. As such, they are the preferred form of gambling for many online, offering the chance to pick up substantial prizes without the need for participation or competition. But why would you choose to play scratch cards online, versus the offline version, and what are the particular advantages of playing virtual scratch cards?

Online scratch cards offer a variety of distinct advantages for virtual gamers. Foremostly, the odds of winning are often far more attractive than with offline scratch cards, as a result of the lower marginal costs of issuing virtual scratch cards and the vast competition afforded by the online gambling market. The costs of producing a virtual scratch card are minimal, and only incorporate the prize fund – there are no manufacturing or distribution costs, and the contribution from each scratch card to overall marketing costs is negligible. That means providers can afford to be more lenient in the odds they offer in favour of the gambler, and the prizes they pay out.

Similarly, as a result of the enhanced competition amongst casinos and scratch card providers online, the odds of winning are slashed and sign-up bonuses increased as providers engage in a race to win over your business. Unlike the National Lottery monopoly on scratch cards in the UK, and similar monopolies across the world, the online domain introduces competition which has only served to improve the probabilities of winning for the gambler, and as a consequence, enhance earnings amongst regular players. Ultimately, this allows more significant wins more often, which is a better all-round proposition for the gambler.

Another key difference with online scratch cards is the ability to choose the stake. Whereas offline scratch cards are usually sold in denominations, gamers can determine the level of stakes they play with online, which has a direct knock-on effect on the prize pot. This makes for a much more flexible gaming proposition, and allows more serious players to up the ante while affording smaller scale players the chance to play for pennies, at their own discretion. Coupled with the enhanced choice of games and variety of different scratch card designs online, this helps cement virtual scratch cards as a more than credible alternative to their physical counterparts.

Online scratch cards are an understandably popular form of gambling for many virtual gamers, presenting opportunities to win substantial prizes far in excess of those offered in the offline domain. Enhanced competition amongst providers coupled with lower marginal costs make it a more attractive option than physical scratch cards, and make for odds that are much more weighted in favour of the gambler than would traditionally be the case, allowing more frequent wins and real-time gameplay with much more variable stakes.

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