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What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is one of the card games commonly played in the casinos. Many people believe that the baccarat was introduced in France and later in Italy. It was done during Charles VIII of France’s reign in 1483 until 1498. The baccarat is often compared to the Basset or Faro, two of another famous card games played during the said century.

In this card game, there are only three results that may come up. This includes the Player, the Banker, and the Tie. Unlike other card games played in the casino, the word Player does not mean customer. Moreover, the word Banker is not referring to the dealer or the house. Both the Player and the Banker are simple options wherein the customer may bet.

There are actually three different variations of the baccarat which are widely accepted and played. First is the railway or the baccarat chemin de fer. Next is the a deux tableux or the baccarat banque. And last is the North American baccarat, also known as the punto banco.

The first two variations of the baccarat (the baccarat banque and the baccarat chemin de fer) rely on the skills and choices made by the players in order to win. On the other hand, the North American baccarat is the opposite of the first two. It does not involve any strategy or require the players to unveil their gaming skills. The player’s moves in North American baccarat rely on the cards that are given to the player.

The North American baccarat is usually played in countries like United States, Macau, Canada, Sweden, as well as Australia. The players can bet on the banker or on the player. There are actually two versions of the North American baccarat namely the Mini-baccarat and the Makccarat. In the mini-baccarat, only one dealer will handle the whole game including the card dealing. The maximum and the minimum bets are lower compared to the traditional baccarat games. On the other hand, the makccarat is the version of the North American baccarat which was heavily modified. The game will immediately end if the Banker or the Player has a natural 9 or 8.

Meanwhile, the baccarat chemin de fer requires 6 pack of cards that have the same pattern. There will be a basket at the center of the table where the used cards will be placed. After shuffling the cards, the banker will then place in front of him the amount that he is willing to stake. The stake money of the players must at least be equal to the bet placed by the banker. If not, the people around the players may also contribute their bets as well until it reaches the amount placed by the banker.

As for the baccarat banque, it would only require at least three packs of cards to be shuffled together. The banker will then be holding the office unless all the cards have already been dealt.

Baccarat, just like the other card games, can be really exciting and fun. However, the laws of this card game are considered to be the most complicated since each and every club or casino have their own rules.

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