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Top 3 Blackjack Techniques

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular casino games, played extensively in venues online and off. The cultural associations with blackjack are particularly potent, and whenever we think of the game, we’ve all got images of high rollers and flashy pro gamblers that spring to mind. If the media has taught us anything about blackjack, it should be that it’s a game of skill with a strong strategic element, and there are many techniques you can implement to increase your success rate.  Played properly, blackjack can be both fun and profitable, but there are nevertheless a few key principles you need to bear in mind in order to see success from your blackjack game time.

Cut Your Losses Early

The first technique you should look to build into your blackjack game is the ability to cut losses early. If you have a weak hand or even a marginal hand, it’s worthwhile stopping and thinking about whether it is reasonable and logical to bet on your position. If you have a poor hand, chance is more heavily weighted against you, and while you might win with some dodgy hands, it’s simply not worth risking it and you will lose more often. The best strategy is to cut your losses on hands that are anything less that what you would ideally desire, and certainly avoid going in too heavily until you are confident in the potential success of your hand. Cutting losses as quickly and decisively as possible is key to minimising those inevitable losing hands, and will give you the most freedom to make your winning hands really count.

Ramp Up Big Hands

Similar to the above technique, you need to ramp up your stake when you’re dealing with a good hand, in order to maximise your potential upside gain. When you’re looking at a hand that’s in a strong, robust position, thinking about how far you might like to scale your stake is a worthwhile practice in ensuring you squeeze the most value out of the hands you eventually win. Cutting your losses is one part of the puzzle, but ramping up the value of big hands is equally important.  The more aggressive you play on sure-fire hands, the more money you will win over time.  Obviously this has to be constrained somewhat by the potential that you might still lose the hand, but attempting to maximise your winnings is key to long-term financial success from playing blackjack.

Don’t Push 21

Finally, when you’re playing blackjack its important not to push 21 and get too greedy. At the very least, it is worth calculating rough odds of seeing the card you want turned over, which can be done fairly easily arithmetically by working out the number of available cards left in the deck, and the percentage of those that would give a satisfactory outcome.  Slow and steady wins the race – those that get greedy with blackjack will find themselves seriously punished eventually as they lose a big money hand.

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Name: Chris Austin

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