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Tips For Playing Slot Machines

Slot machines are one of the more popular attractions in casinos, with many gamblers drifting from one casino to the next solely to play the slots.  The jackpots available vary from machine to machine, from the insignificant to the astronomical, although the basic idea underpinning the game is the same – match the symbols on the machine with those designated as winning combinations on the payout table and take your jackpot.

Slot Machine Tips

Because slot machines are so widespread, they’re surrounded with their own myths and folklore.  It’s generally accepted as common knowledge that you don’t play a slot machine that’s just paid out, right?  Actually, this (and other common misconceptions) springs from a misapprehension as to how slots actually function, and as such many players often miss out on the potential to cash in with a ‘loose’ machine because of this ill-informed thinking.

In truth, slot machines are never ‘due’ a payout any more than a particular number is ‘due’ on the National Lottery.  Slot machines work on the basis of a random number generator, which specified constantly changing, truly random number, which when activated by the pull of the lever correspond to certain positions on the reels.  This means that at any particular second, the outcome of a spin may be the jackpot, or may be some other of the total possible combinations.

Determining when or which machines to play is much more delicate than recentness of last payout.  Not all slot machines were created equal, and some are ‘loose’ (i.e. designed to give out more of a return more often), while others are particularly ‘tight’ (i.e. designed to payout less frequently).  Try those machines nearest the change counter – these are often set up to pay out more frequently in a bid to encourage other players to exchange more money.  Likewise, those that are in more prominent positions are more likely to be loose, in an attempt to signal to other players nearby that the slots are the game to play.

Another good tip to bear in mind, when we understand how slots function, is to avoid progressive slot machines.  Progressive machines aggregate the takings from multiple machines and even, in some cases, multiple locations to provide one massive jackpot.  Of course, this also means the chances of the random number generator falling in your favour are much slimmer, leading to much less frequent payouts – even if they are on a larger scale.  Particularly when you could be competing with many more players than yourself, the chances of hitting those magic numbers are too small to make it worth investing any serious time and effort.

For an entirely random process, the strategic elements of playing slots are particularly in-depth, and could be analysed for years to determine the most effective techniques for winning more often.  For the more serious gambler, spending time and effort researching these strategies could well pay-off, and in developing a better understanding of the mindset of slots operators, it is possible to determine with greater accuracy what’s likely to be a more profitable machine for you to play.

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