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Roulette Tips – Online Roulette Tips

Roulette is largely a game of chance, and as gambling games go, it relies on luck more than many others if you’re playing to win on straight numbers or twelve’s. As a result, roulette is often seen as a gambler’s game, and one with no guaranteed route to profit or success. In actual fact, that is far from the case, and roulette bears a number of distinct advantages over other forms of gambling if you play your metaphorical cards right. Depending on how you play the game and the strategies, tips and techniques you implement, you can be more successful at roulette than you would be on average, which can mean big winnings from regular gameplay.

Aim To Break Even Or Profit

One of the best strategies for capitalising on roulette is to aim to break even or profit from each spin. You can effectively achieve this object on more spins than not thanks to the unique layout of the roulette betting board.  Consider this strategy for instance. Say you bet £50 on the first twelve numbers, £50 on the third twelve numbers and £5 on 10 numbers from the remaining twelve. For each £150 spin, you have a 1 in 12 chance of losing, in the event that the ball comes to rest in one of the three numbers you haven’t covered. That means you have an 11 in 12 chance of either breaking even, or making a profit of £30, and this can quickly rack up to make your roulette play profitable and financially rewarding.

Spread Risk

Aiming to spread the risk of each spin is just as critical as making the right call, and it’s imperative that you do as much as possible to spread the risk of each spin and increase your chances.  This means placing more, smaller bets on each spin, and attempting to factor in averages and sequences to make the best call.  Putting all your eggs in one or a couple of baskets is the quickest way to set yourself on the path to losing money. Only by diversifying your risk across a number of different bets can you help offset your loses and spread the risks of your roulette playing.

Quit While You’re Ahead

When you’re playing roulette, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to keep on betting.  The longer you keep betting on roulette without a loss, the greater the statistical chance that the next spin will lose you money.  That’s why it’s important to set your daily earnings targets, and to quit while you’re ahead for best effect. While roulette strategies can be valuable in increasing the odds in your favour, successful roulette still requires a degree of chance, so it’s important that you refrain from relying on luck for too long. Set realistic earnings targets and quit once you meet them – that way, you go as far as possible towards limiting the risks you face, while ensuring you’re making a return on your roulette playing time.

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