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Online Casino Tip #1

Casino Tips

Online casino tip number 1: Always check the footer of the online casino website for licensing details. Licensed by information. The online casino operator should clearly state on the homepage or in the footer who they are licensed by. This is a legal requirement that all casinos should adhere to. If they can’t show this Continue Reading

Why Play Scratch Cards Online?

Online scratch cards are becoming an increasingly popular form of online gambling, and are attracting growing numbers to online casinos and gaming sites alike. Like their offline counterparts, online scratch cards allow the gamer to win instantly by ‘scratching’ off panels to reveal symbols and corresponding prize amounts, and are purely a game of chance, Continue Reading

Why It Is Important To Research An Online Casino

Online gambling is a highly competitive market, with casinos practically falling over themselves to sign up new gamers. While all the global casino brands are in on the act, so too are a ream of smaller casinos, often attracting customers with their own exclusive sign-up bonuses, selection of games and payment methods. While the vast Continue Reading

Online slots, slots and more slots!

OnlineGaming4u is now one of the web’s leading resources on online slots casinos, helping you learn more about the different casinos and the games they offer. But don’t just take our word for it – here are just a few reasons why you should trust us, and our recommendations. 1. Expert Reviewers: our casino reviews Continue Reading

All About Luck In Online Poker

1. Don’t press your luck when you don’t need to. If it’s early in a deep stack tournament, simply don’t put yourself into position to need to get lucky to win. Especially in a deep stack tournament, skillful players should be able to find situations where the outcome is predicated on their skill (at bluffing, Continue Reading

What to look for When Choosing a Poker Table

It is extremely important that every player be aware of table selection. Essentially, the concept of table selection can be explained quite simply: choosing games where you have an edge. You could be the 10th best player in the world but, if you only play with the top nine players, you will not maintain your Continue Reading

Knowing When To Bluff In Online Poker

All successful poker players must be able to make a well-timed bluff. The bluff is probably the most talked-about poker concept, although it is not used as often as people believe. Still, to exclude bluffing from poker would result in an uninteresting game: If you never bluff you become too predicable and will not be Continue Reading

Knowing When To Quit In Online Poker

When you sit down at your favourite game you should really have only one thing on your mind – playing the best poker you can. If you’re going to be successful you have to bring you’re A-game to the table every time. The question is, how long can you play at peak performance? Becoming a Continue Reading

The Hands Of Poker

Royal Flush The five highest cards, the 10 through the Ace, all five of the same suit. A royal flush is actually an ace-high straight flush. Which suit it is doesn’t matter in poker. Two people with royal flushes would tie. Straight Flush Any five cards of the same suit in consecutive numerical order. Our Continue Reading

Tips From Poker Pros

Poker pros are usually described as tight and aggressive players that won’t play many hands, but playing few, they always seem to have nuts. However, such description doesn’t describes the nature of a poker professional, so in this article I’ve tried to figure out four key skills necessary for an online poker pro. Mathematics and Continue Reading

Why You Can’t Learn Poker Over Night

Poker’s popularity has risen spectacularly in the last five years or so, thanks in no small part to the advent of online casinos and global TV coverage of professional poker tournaments. From casino tables to kitchen tables across Europe, poker has transcended all other card games to attract a new wave of young, energetic player, Continue Reading