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Mobile Phone Casinos

The advent of mobile technology has changed the face of the way we live our lives: from structuring social occasions through to doing business and ordering goods and services, its now hard to imagine how we ever got along without our trust mobile phones.  This is backed up by staggering statistics.  In Kenya, a third world country by any account, 1 in 3 adults own a mobile phone handset, and over the last year worldwide, some 950 million mobiles were sold – that’s roughly one for every six people alive…in one year.

And it’s not just all about making calls.  Now it’s even possible to send and receive email, surf the net, and even play your favourite casino games to win money in the palm of your hand.  Very much the next logical step in casino technology after the Internet, how do mobile phone casinos stack up in terms of the games, bonuses and payouts available?

Of course, one of the key benefits of mobile phone casinos is that they are truly mobile.  Unlike online casinos, which generally require a stable Internet connection and access to a computer of some kind, mobile phone casinos can be accessed on your mobile from just about anywhere in the world.  As a result, you’ll never be bored on the train home from work, or stuck with spare hour and nothing to do, so long as you’ve got your mobile.

While technologies are still adapting and developing, mobile casino gameplay is currently of a standard whereby most 3G handsets can handle a variety of casino games, and depending on the casino operator, this can include blackjack, poker, bingo, roulette and even slots.  While it’s probably best to shop around to make sure you’re signing up to a casino that provides your games of choice, most of the major brands have an extensive selection of games from which you can choose.

And luckily for those new to mobile phone gambling, new signups can attract the same kind of bonuses as online casinos – £10, £20, £50 and even in some rare instances as much as £100.  It is still advisable to understand the terms and conditions of the bonus you’re hoping to attract, given that some require a level of user deposit, but ultimately the rewards are there for the user looking to sign up for a mobile phone casino.

Mobile phone casinos are a natural extension of virtual, online casinos, and as such they offer the same potential gameplay as we find with many online casino sites.  The newness of the market means there are great odds available, and as technologies continues to improve and adapt even more consumers across the world will be able to take advantage of online casino gameplay.  Of course, this also means attractive signup bonuses and competitions, as the major names in casino gambling rush to grab your loyalty, meaning there’s never been a better time to sign up and get involved with mobile phone casino gaming.

We recommend the following trusted online casinos for playing games on your mobile:

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Name: Natalie Atherton

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