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How Progressive Jackpots Work

Have you ever seen people in casino commercials that have won several million dollars from huge jackpots, and have gotten their life totally changed because of this? Well, you’ve most likely witnessed someone winning a progressive jackpot. These jackpots also generate huge commercials and advertising opportunities for the casinos, as everyone would like to win a progressive jackpot.

A progressive jackpot is mainly a jackpot which comes from several different sources of slot machines. Every time you play, a percentage of the money you spit in will go directly to a jackpot. Even though its common sense, it’s still important to notice that if a casino got a lot of slot machines, the progressive jackpot will rise continuously and grow large in just a short amount of time. This is why winning a progressive jackpot is such a huge dream for many gamblers.

There are different types of progressive jackpots. These differences are fairly important to know, as they all generate very different amounts of cash.

The first progressive jackpot type is known as an In-House slot. These slot machines belong to one certain casino, or to an organization or association. This means that every time someone play on a slot machine which belongs to that casino/association, the progressive jackpot will raise.

The second type of progressive jackpot is known as a Stand Alone Progressive. These slot machines will only use the money inserted into that specific slot machine as a prize. So there’s no connection between the different slot machines in Stand Alone Progressive. This means that if you win, you might not be “lucky” and win a huge pot, but once the huge pot comes, it’s “huge enough”.

The third type is known as Area Wide slots. Every gambler would like to win the progressive jackpot at Area Wide slot machines! Not only are these slot machines connected to other slot machines at the casino you’re at, they’re also connected to slot machines at other casinos and owned by other organizations and hotels. These jackpots are the hugest progressive jackpots among the different types of slot machines. However, these types of slot machines are way often seen at online casinos, as it’s easier for people to spend a dollar or two online, rather than having to visit Vegas or other casino towns. Also, it’s easier for a gambler to go online. Some progressive jackpots are even connected to both “real” slot machines as well as online casino machines, just to make the jackpot as high as possible. If your casino is the one who must pay out the prize, the advertising campaigns can often be enormous as well, to advertise the fact that someone won millions of dollars!

Many gamblers chooses to mainly play at progressive jackpot machines as the payout is way higher than other slot machines, even though the chance of winning is way lower. These machines don’t need high “minimum input” as there are so many players using these machines, so the jackpot is growing enormously just from every penny gained.

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