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Best Method To Use For Roulette

Roulette provides gamblers with an opportunity to play at pretty good odds, and can provide a good return over time if you understand how to play the game correctly.  Unfortunately, there are loads of systems, both written down and in software products that claim to help you win at roulette, the vast majority of which are no use whatsoever in the long run.  As such, both online and offline casinos are reasonably happy to let people try to implement their given systems and strategies, because it’s ultimately pretty hard to guess where the ball is going to land.

Roulette Tips

Fortunately, there are a few genuine strategies you can implement that play off the odds presented to you, to maximize your chances of winning.  Over a lifetime of gambling, these may increase your chances of winning versus a random, scattergun approach.  So long as you appreciate the need to quit when you’re up and walk away from the roulette wheel if it’s not your day, it can be a profitable sideline to other online and offline casino game play.

Because roulette is a random game, it’s important to ensure with any strategy that you’re covering as much of the wheel as you possibly can with your betting, while also providing you with the opportunity to maximize your returns.  Pick a range of 7 numbers from across the wheel and make a mental note – these are your numbers for the day and will form the basis of your winning strategy, whether you’re playing in an online or offline casino setting.

The odds paid out on a single number in roulette stand at 35-1.  Therefore, it’s important with this strategy to take you win and be done with it if you happen to hit the single number early on.  Place a bet on each of your seven single numbers in whatever denomination you happen to be playing with and maintain this betting pattern for three consecutive spins.

If you win on the first spin (i.e. one of your seven single numbers is hit), you’ll be returned 36 units for a loss of 6.  If you win on your second spin, you’ll be returned 36 units for a loss of 13.  If you win on your third spin, you’ll be returned 36 units for a loss of 20, and so on.

By spreading over seven numbers, you dramatically increase the odds of a hit, particularly over three spins.  Additionally, by maintaining a strict walk away policy when you do hit a single number, or when you’ve reached your third spin without success, you should be able to minimize your expenditure and increase the likelihood of winning and making a return on your bets.

Unfortunately, roulette is random at its core and hence it’s almost impossible to predict where the ball will land.  However, by spreading your bets in a logical, constructive way and replicating the system multiple times, it is likely that you can increase the probabilities of earning from your roulette play, and ultimately give yourself an advantage over those that simply throw themselves at the game with no real strategy, focus or consistency.

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