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Advantages of Online Slots

Playing slots online has become one of the biggest areas in online gaming in recent years, thanks to an ever growing catalogue of different slot games, themes and formats. An ever popular casino games, slots found a natural home amongst online gamers nationwide as a fun way to pass some time, and an exciting way to win money from the comfort of your own home. While slots online are most definitely on the up, there are still those gamers who prefer the physical, tactile gaming experience of playing a real slot machine. While online slots can never match this element, they do nevertheless pose a number of unique advantages over offline slots, and indeed many more of the traditional casino games.


The first real thing that online slots hold over their casino counterpart is the sheer convenience of them. Slots are a fun game, and for many casino gamers they are a major draw – not just as a form of gambling, but a form of entertainment. For gamers that love the thrill and excitement of playing slot machines, online slots offer the chances to experience a range of different games and styles from home, with big cash prizes. That means that gamers can play on a much more convenient schedule, and don’t have to adhere to casino opening hours or even leave their sofa to play.

Better Paying

Online slots are not only more convenient for most gamers, but also tend to be better paying than casino slots.  Casino slot range wildly in their payouts, with some slots being ‘looser’ than others. The same is true of online slots, however the chances of a payout are far greater online because the competition is so fierce and operating costs are so low.  That  effectively means you have a higher chance of winning on an online slot than an offline slot because of the odds of the respective games, which can in time lead to greater success. As a consequence, house edge is lower when you play online slot machines as opposed to their real-life cousins.

High Jackpots and Progressives

Online slots also have the major advantage of much larger prizes.  Because internet slots sites are so popular worldwide, they have the budget for massive jackpots, and the facility to organise progressive jackpots with linked slots games across an international network.  This translates into offering prizes way beyond what most bricks and mortar casinos can offer, and ultimately means gamers who strike it lucky can win a great deal more money. This, in addition to better odds, makes online slots a tempting proposition for slots fans everywhere.

Playing online slots compares favourably to regular slots in a number of ways, yet the two remain wildly popular in their own respective markets.  If you’re a slots fan and you can’t always get to your local casino, that might just be the thing that sways you in the direction of online slots games, which have their own unique characteristics and appeal aside from being considerably more flexible and convenient.

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